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Supplementary Modules

Incident Management System

The main purpose of this module is managing the reported Incidents placed by all hospital stakeholders to help tackling the reported incidents, prevent the occurrence in the future that in turns help in improving the quality of service rendered to patients.


The purpose of this module is to handle mobile invoices of organization’s employee that enables deduction of invoices’ values from related employee payroll. It is also automate the process of charging patient’s accounts with the telephone calls they made during their stay at the hospital.


Contract Management

The purpose of this module is to maintain maintenance contracts describing contract parameters like vendor information, contract terms, contract scope and contract validity

Maintenance Schedules

The purpose of this module is to set up preventive maintenance plans for organization’s machinery and equipment.

Maintenance Request Processing

The purpose of this module is to control and organize the work of maintenance team within the organization by placing of maintenance requests and fulfilling them through maintenance order. Each machine or equipment has a maintenance card that records all maintenance order and spare parts expensed on it. Thus maintenance department have a full history of the machine/equipment that helps maintenance planning to keep or replace a particular machine/ equipment