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Medical Modules


The main purpose of this module is to help Lab people to create testing results templates (layouts) of all kinds i.e. single and template tests, as they like to present to their clients. It has a multiple results search criteria i.e. visit (out/in) no., patient name, sample no and date which facilitates referring back to any test results.

This module is working as the main interface of lab machines that read specimen results from machines directly so lab technician verifies machine results then transmits the result to lab result system for printing.


The concern of this module is the integration with radiology information system (RIS) and sales module and the integration with PACS system. The integration can be unidirectional or bidirectional

Blood Bank

The purpose of this module is to handle receipt of blood units, transferring and charging blood units to patients and return of blood units, this has a reflection on patient account.

Blood reaction is reported using the approved form of MOH blood bank; also it contains reports like MOH blood bank reports and blood units’ balance, blood unit transactions, return blood units reports.

Medical Records

The purpose of this module is to manage patient records, control of record transfer, profile merging and disposal of records.


The purpose of this module is to do reservation of any appointments at any servicing department such as operating rooms, day case and outpatient clinics (centers) with ability of updating date and time of these appointments. This functionality is granted to admission people who can plan for rooms’ admissions accordingly.


The purpose of this module is to record and control patients’ diet and meal list that is submitted to inpatient kitchen in order to prepare requested and approved list.


Record keeping system for Lithotripsy cases that records all information about the operation i.e. case description, diagnoses, doctor who did procedure, stone kind and location, procedure used, shock wave used, procedure duration, results and prescribed medication


The purpose of this module is to manage sterilization of new surgical kits/equipment and re-sterilization of the used kits; this is done by using sterilization request and correspondent request approval with the proper reporting that displays consumption of the re-sterilized items with the consumed department.


Record keeping system for endoscopy cases that records all information about the operation i.e. case description, doctor who did procedure, anesthesiologist, diagnoses, results and prescribed medication