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System Management and Security

The purpose of this module is to administer the system; where system administrator can create new user, update user profile i.e. setting up password, password complexity, resetting password, setting password validity, activating/ deactivating user, assigning fingerprint to user and maintain of roles (group of users). In this module also module administrator access can be set.


In this module different authorizations (permissions) can be granted to users or role (group of users); the access is granted on screen level.

Data Log (Audit Trail)

In this module all transactions of all types from all modules are recorded and kept in an audit trail that keeps each transaction occurrence date, time, user and place (station) of carrying out the transaction. The related information can be generated at any time.


This functionality enables administrator user to create any kind of notification for any of IntelliMed user and assign it to those users who require the notification. Also a simple workflow, with time limits, can be developed to move the notification to other user (layer). A statistical reporting can be developed that calculates notification time span as a tool of control and improvement.