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Medical Systems Redefined


What is IntelliMed?

IntelliMed is a Health Care solution designed to manage and facilitate both commercial and technical functions in the health care industry i.e. Hospitals, laboratories, radiology centers, and health centers to serve internal and external stakeholders.

Commercial functions cover inventory/material management, purchasing, accounting, finance, human resources and sales.

Technical/Medical functions include laboratory results automation, Integration with radiology PACS, sterilization solution, medical records, nutrition, lithotripsy, endoscopy and incident management system.

IntelliMed can function with different database i.e. Oracle and SQL, also has a well-structured security management represented by screen/ objects administration beside data security management. Moreover IntelliMed offers a strong audit log that covers systems and data trail.

IntelliMed is designed to be friendly to users by simple screens with few buttons to use and automated posting to accounting

General Features

  • Total integration across all modules
  • Automated cross-module documents that enables real time reporting
  • Extensive user logging features
  • Advanced comprehensive alert management system
  • Support for HL7 to integrate with 3rd party medical application